Fourth quarter is HERE!  I mean it’s here–TODAY!  I know the last two quarters have gone fast and slow at the same time.  Either way, here we are, and 2020 is almost over!  What better time to kick things in gear, bust out toward the goals you had for 2020 and start looking at how 2021 can be bigger, better, and different!  Let’s do this thing!

Let’s get FOCUSED!:

Review where you are on your goals!

What do you have left to do?  Do they need adjusting?  I’m guessing that many of you may not have looked at your goals since March, and that you’ve just been trying to survive this year.  Why not sit down and take a gander at how far you’ve come.  You may be surprised.  Where would you like to be by the end of the year?  It’s time to get clear!

Break it down.

What I mean is once you look at where you want to be, come December 31, break the goal down into steps.  What do you need to do to get there?  It’s one thing to WANT it, it’s another to plan the steps you need to take to get there.  If you have a sales goal or number of clients/customers goal, how many do you need each month?  Week?  Day?  To get there, how many people do you need to reach out to?  How will you reach out?  When?  It’s so important to break the beast of your goal down!  We must simplify it for our brain, so it feels doable!

Back it Out.

Once you have the steps, it’s time to look at the end date and set mini deadlines for each step you need to take to get it done.  Your steps will be easily pushed under the rug if you don’t set deadlines!  This means putting those deadlines in the calendar AND time to work on the tasks to get you there need to be in the calendar as well.


Once you have the goal, the steps, and the deadlines and action steps clear, it’s time to take action!  HONOR your calendar.  Make the goal and the steps to get there a priority.  THE priority!  You can make this happen!


I would love to know what your goals are and that you’re getting into the DOING of things rather than thinking about them or wishing for them.  I hope this helps you get started!!

If you want even more to get you going and to start 2021 with a BANG, I hope you’ll consider my UNSTUCK event!