How are you doing? I’m actually asking you the question… how are you doing?  Really? At this point in the Coronavirus and the life of your business, the name of the game is resilience.  I have been having a lot of conversations and thoughts around this word lately.  I think our resiliency in business has a lot to do with our resiliency in other areas of our lives.  For instance, when I started my last business, it was right when the crash of ‘08 occurred.  I also started CrossFit at the same time.  I truly believe that all the workouts that I cried through and pushed through made my business that much more successful because my mind knew I could and how to push through hard things.

Two years into this business, I started a new sport–tennis–that I had never played before.  Again, I have fought through many difficult drills and losses of many, many games and matches to rise to the level where I am.  Once again, I am teaching my brain and myself that I can do hard things and survive, even thrive through them–coming out stronger on the other side.   Just last weekend, a friend and I hiked one of Colorado’s famous 14ers–a 14,000+ foot peak, Mt. Bierstadt.  It was my 17th 14er (the first I’ve done in my 50’s) and it was her first.  She and I hike nearly every weekend, and we’ve talked about doing a mountain for a while.  After one particularly long and arduous hike, she believed she could conquer a mountain.  So, we did!  Was it easy?  No.  Were there struggles?  Yes–both physical and mental.  Did we stop?  No!!  We did it!  My friend has faced many challenges in her own business, and the things that we have done to push out of the comfort zone have made her a problem solver rather than a victim of circumstances.

Ah, and there’s the difference!  Are we problem-solvers or victims of circumstance?   Because of the principles and new habits and patterns I instill in my clients, when the pandemic hit, each of them was able to pivot and figure out a way to keep their businesses going despite being shut down.  These clients included a salon, a photographer, a travel agency, and a massage therapist.  I have to tell you that I couldn’t be more proud of this amazing group of women and how they found a way to continue to work and make money (some even more than they might have been being fully open).  That is resilience!

I did some research as I was thinking about resilience and there is a lot out there.  Here’s the good news–we can learn to be resilient!  If it’s not in your nature, or if you’re going through a tough time where you’re feeling like you’re so exhausted you can’t push through, there are things you can do to weather the storm and come out better on the other side.


I feel like I say this a lot, but it’s true!  Take breaks throughout your day to let your subconscious work on things.  Meditate or breathe the for one minute.  Walk around the block.  Also, TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF.  In order to not exhaust ourselves and never feel like we’re “off,” we must actually make and take the time off.  Most weekends, I don’t even turn my computer on.  Try it–I dare ya!


I don’t mean Pollyanna’s.  I mean people who will help you problem solve, ask you questions, and encourage you to push forward.  Too many times, people allow in those who predict doom and gloom and promote giving up and questioning their goals.  Instead, look for those people who will push you to think differently, to find solutions, and who will celebrate the journey as well as the results!

JOURNAL through it.

I know this isn’t the easiest thing to do if you’re not a journaler already.  But it is amazing how you can work through a problem or at least get everything out of your brain by writing everything down that you think for 20 minutes at a time.  Journaling will allow you to sleep better and to not constantly be dragged down by whatever feels insurmountable.  I hope you’ll try it.  It’s also so helpful to return to these journal entries when you’re up against the next hard thing because you can remember how you got through it and THAT you got through it.


When I say this, I mean decisive, intentional action toward your goal.  Taking action shows that you have control and can still work toward what you want your business to be.  And control is the most important thing in resiliency.  If we don’t show ourselves that we can DO something, it’s hard to keep on going forward much less get started.  So, ask yourself, what is ONE THING I can do today that will move me forward, and do that thing!


Most hard things are not forever.  They are something we need to get through and endure.  Perspective is also where we need to ask what we can learn from a situation–are we learning how NOT to do something?  Are we learning how to do something better?  Perspective helps ground us and know that there is a purpose and an end to what we are going through.

I will say that I am quite resilient, but I had to get here, too.  And I’m definitely not perfect.  Although my business has done well through the Pandemic, I have had other struggles that I have felt may break me.  My relationship with my 17-year-old is tough–I am muddling my way through.  And I’m trying to find the perspective in our struggles and trying to find what I can take control of (ME) in our daily battles.  Writing this piece was actually quite good for me and it’s time for me to look at these 5 tips and work my way through (without losing my mind).