So many people are talking about how 2020 has “sucked” and that they can’t wait for it to be over.  They’re talking about how hard it’s been and how it was a potentially good year turned “bad.”   Has 2020 been unexpected?  Yes.  Has 2020 been hard?  Yes.  Has 2020 been like no other year any of us can remember?  Yes.  

But 2020 has also been a year of learning.  A year of so much MORE than many of us could have imagined.  It’s been a year of innovation and a year of trying harder than we’ve ever tried before.  These, my friends, are successes.

Why is it important to change how we’re thinking about 2020?  Why is it important to identify and celebrate successes whether it’s a pandemic or not?  Well, let me tell you!  I shared with you earlier this year that I was heartbroken to have to take my live event online this year.  Well guess what?  I made my event a HYBRID and had the most successful event ever!  Because of being online, I had people there from coast to coast!  Maryland, Vermont, Minnesota, Georgia, California, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado and more!  It was AMAZING that all these folks were able to connect with each other and build their businesses stronger together by having this shared experience.  If my event had just been live, that piece of magic would not have been possible.  My UNSTUCK event will be a hybrid from now on.  It was an on-line experience like nothing anyone had had this year.  I set a new goal and exceeded it; this is just ONE celebration that happened this year BECAUSE of the pandemic.  Huh.

So, why should YOU celebrate?   The reasons are many–read on, my friends! 

  1. Celebrating success breeds success. If we stay in the place of talking about how hard everything is, then everything IS hard.  The truth is you have probably done some things this year you would’ve never done that will help propel your business beyond 2020.  Not to mention, you can’t look at your successes and not move into a positive frame of mind–success breeds success.
  2. Celebrating success creates commitment. Guess what? If you made it through this year, you can make it through anything.  Even if you have the most awful of days, if you can find three successes within that day, you’ll get out of bed more easily the next day and be willing to go at it again with more vigor.  You found success on the worst of days or the worst of years, so success is imminent in the future!  Commitment.

  3. Celebrating success creates positivity and happiness! When you celebrate a success, it makes you FEEL good.  We can’t feel good and bad at the same time.  So, release the endorphins by digging in and finding your successes–you have overcome challenges and found opportunities where there seemed to be none. THAT feels good.  THAT is cause for success.  THAT boosts your confidence and keeps you going.  THAT creates positivity and happiness where you may have thought there was none.

  4.  Celebrating success brings about the law of attraction. People see your positivity and they see you being successful and celebrating that success.  Guess what?  That’s attractive!  They want to be around you; they want your positivity and success to rub off on them!  They want to participate in your success.  When all these folks want to be around you, your business grows and so does your confidence.  Be more attractive–celebrate your success.

So, what are YOUR successes?  I challenge you to share three from this year!  Because just as it says above–success breeds success!