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Get Ready for Results Unleashed | May 15-17

Your FAST TRACK to PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITS. Are you ready to work less, make more money, and feel accomplished? It’s time to get UNSTUCK! In this three-day, virtual event you will learn exactly how to skyrocket your productivity to make the business leaps you’ve always wanted.

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Julie Miller Davis works with entrepreneurs to help them reset their habits and patterns so they can start getting the right things done and move out of mediocrity into excellence.

If you’re powerful, productive, and profitable, you get results that can start today!

Julie Miller Davis Productivity Training

  • Stuck
  • Overwhelmed by your schedule
  • Like all you do is work
  • Delegation guilt
  • Like everything is urgent and equally important
  • Out of balance
  • Like something’s got to give
  • Like you’re missing out on life
  • Like you’re doing a million things but making no progress

Nothing Will Change Until You Change Yourself

And to really change yourself, it’s essential to…

Become aware of your behaviors so you can change Understand comfort versus courage
Create new behaviors and habits Determine the things you have control over
Implement those new behaviors Take a step back and detach emotionally
Prioritize successfully And we’re here to guide you through all of this!

Powerful, Productive, and Profitable Results

Gain results that will propel you forward into excellence.

  • Proactive problem solving and planning
  • Prioritizing successfully in your life and business
  • Making space to take a step back and see what’s going on
  • Taking back control

Our Mission at JMD Productivity Training is to empower business owners to TURN OFF THE NOISE and reset their habits and patterns around their productivity so they can be fully present where they are and to grow their businesses intentionally.

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Give Julie your time, and you’ll get the gift of time.
Courses, Julie Miller Davis Productivity Training
UNSTUCK! the program, Julie Miller Davis Productivity Training

UNSTUCK! the program

This program is a multi-month program that serves a small, intimate group of women entrepreneurs and is designed to reset your patterns and habits so you become more productive in your business.

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Speaking + Trainings

Julie’s ability to capture the room’s attention, provide value to the people in front of her, and offer new perspectives is second to none.

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Speaking + Trainings, Julie Miller Davis Productivity Training
UNSTUCK! the event, Julie Miller Davis Productivity Training

UNSTUCK! the event

This is a three-day, hybrid event to help you improve your productivity and get better business results.

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How Does This Really Work?

Through a proven and successful process that creates results for clients. The process includes…

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Move out of mediocrity and into excellence by learning how to get the right things done in your business.

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