Did you know that most entrepreneurs are wasting at least 1/3 of their time engaging tasks that are not productive or moving their needle forward?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or bogged down?

If you’re not saying yes to the right things and prioritizing what’s most important, you need to get in touch.

Maximize your strategy session to clarify what’s in your way and why you are getting stuck. Let’s find out if and how I can help you reach your goals.


During our call I am going to:


Clarify your biggest productivity block


Help you get clear on your next step forward

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you find yourself pushing things around all day but not really get anything done?

Are you finding yourself sucked into the rabbit holes of social media and e-mail?

Has your business stagnated because you're out of time and energy?

Have you put projects and ideas for your business on the back burner for lack of time?

Do you roll your eyes and think "not one more thing!" when something unexpected comes up in your life or business?

If you want to shift from busy to productive and start focusing on the things that will move the needle forward and allow you to serve you clients better and make more money, you definitely want to book a Strategy Session with me!

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Ally Jencson – Strategy Session

One of the things I wanted and needed to work on was streamlining and targeting my marketing. Through working with Julie, I was able to identify who my ideal clients were and where they were hanging out, and I’ve been able to target my marketing and create some amazing relationships and opportunities. Working with Julie catapulted my business to new heights! We TRIPLED our Q1 sales in 2019 because of the habits and patterns I implemented with Julie.

Ally Jencson
Frontline Floor Coatings

Abbey Harrison – Strategy Session

When I started working with Julie, I had six or seven clients and I more than doubled that while working with her. When I first started UNSTUCK, I was in this awful spot of needing more clients because I needed more money, but I was afraid to take them on because I didn’t know how I would fit more in. After working with Julie and learning to be more intentional about who I work with and what I do, I ended up getting a lot more time in my day, resulting in more clients and more money.

Abbey Harrison
Assist for the Win

Renee Vejvoda – Strategy Session

The biggest thing I learned from Julie is how to delegate successfully so I can focus on growing my business and open space up for more clients by letting go of the things I can let go of or don’t have control over. For me personally, I’m a lot less stressed because I’ve been able to implement the tools Julie teaches and because of that, my business has been more successful and grown.

Renee Vejvoda
All Branded Out