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Ready for Less Stress, More Time, and Increased Cash Flow in Your Business? Then it is time to join us for:

Don’t let your constant state of busyness keep your business stuck.

It’s time to reclaim your time, achieve true work-life balance, and grow your business with ease.


Welcome to Overcoming Overwhelm:
A game-changing, actionable course designed exclusively for overwhelmed and stuck entrepreneurs.

This course is designed for you!

This transformative experience is your ticket to breaking free from:

  • An Endless to-do list
  • Wearing all the hats in your business
  • Decision Fatigue
  • Burnout
  • And stagnant cash flow

It will give you the time and freedom to unlock the best of your talents – without more apps, planners, and to-do’s.

This course is straightforward, actionable, and WILL PAY FOR ITSELF in time and money that you get back.

Commit to sustainable growth WITH a healthy work-life balance in 2024! This is your year!

Overcoming Overwhelm: Get More Time and Make More Money!

Make Overcoming Your Overwhelm for Good

If you:

  • Feel Burnout rather than inspired by your business
  • Are juggling every single issue in your business instead of focusing on the crucial tasks
  • Working insane hours and you miss your family and friends
  • Wake up every morning overwhelmed
  • Procrastinate as an escape (scrolling the internet, binging Netflix™, or shopping too much)
  • Feel like your calendar, clients, and external pressures dictate your life.

Then, it’s time to take back time and income in your business

Step into your CEO role and scale your business.

And all of this starts with Overcoming Overwhelm!

I’m Ready to Get More Time and Money!

Client Testimonials

Julie’s program was truly transformational! I left the course feeling in total control of my schedule and with a flexibility that works on those days when things don’t go as planned!

– Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss
Owner, A Chapter After

Meet Julie

My name is Julie Miller Davis, and I help entrepreneurs like you get efficient in their daily work, bust through business challenges, and grow exponentially. I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners get REAL RESULTS in their businesses, and I want to help you do the same!

Overcoming Overwhelm is one of my most popular courses! Because it helps move the needle on time, priorities, and income!

It has been the catalyst that has helped so many entrepreneurs leap forward in their business – achieving more success and freedom than they thought possible.

I want you to experience the same transformation that they experienced!

What Awaits You in This Course

  • Six Short, easily digestible, recorded trainings to guide you through your habits around time–AWARENESS is half the battle!
  • Exercises that will help you easily DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY and BE MORE PRODUCTIVE
  • Notetakers to help you keep track of all you’re learning
  • Access to our vibrant Facebook Community that will inspire you
  • Exclusive access to all module recordings for LIFE!

Imagine a world where you:

  • Feel accomplished every week.
  • Confidently say YES to the right things and NO to the distractions.
  • Create space for more clients and, inevitably, more income.
  • Establish habits that give you a clear plan of action.
  • Enjoy guilt-free time with your loved ones and yourself.


Well, buckle up! Because after you Overcome Your Overwhelm, you will:

  • Gain acute awareness of how you spend your precious time.
  • Swap old habits for powerful new ones, driving meaningful progress.
  • Cultivate a life and business that aligns with your vision, offering unprecedented balance.
  • Eliminate 80% of activities holding your business back, replacing overwhelm with clarity.
  • Reclaim at least 10 hours per week, empowering you to tackle big projects and prioritize self-care.

Your Ticket to Transformation is HERE!

I’m Ready To Overcome Overwhelm!