Why be ordinary when extraordinary is available? This question has been stalking me for weeks now. Then, to top it off, my husband just told me a story he was reading in the news about a junior in high school who just won the Colorado Cross Country state championship.   This kid is truly extraordinary, and let me tell you why. He is not the most gifted or talented athlete out there, and his coach said that he’d never win a state championship after his sophomore year. However, he wanted to be a state champion—he had that specific of a goal. So, he went home and DECIDED that he would do EVERYTHING HE COULD to be a champion the following year. He upped his running mileage; he lifted weights more than he ever had before. He dared to push himself to do what he had set as his goal, and what others were not willing to do, and guess what? He DID IT! I am so inspired by this story.

What do we as business people have to do to be “champions?” We need to take this high school 16-year-old boy as an example.   Be willing to UP YOUR MILEAGE to pass others. What does that mean?

  1. Do what others aren’t willing to do—are you willing to go to every networking event available? Are you willing to up your game with social media? Are you willing to reach out to people you barely know to try to do business with them? I know I am, and I know that’s making a difference.
  1. Get up earlier so that when the work day starts, you’re ready to go and not still easing in to your day. You still get your morning meditation, cup of coffee or tea, and time to read the paper. But you have the EDGE because others are easing in when you start working.
  1. Create opportunities for YOURSELF—if you can’t find what you need, create it! What are YOU in control of? Can you drip on your customers or offer them something that others aren’t? Do you need a platform to speak from (like I did when I created my women’s seminars)? What can YOU create for yourself if it isn’t already out there for you?
  1. Even if you don’t feel like working that day, work anyway and be the best you that you can. Can you just make five phone calls? Can you Skype when you don’t feel like meeting in person? Can you spend 30 minutes working in your office? Most times when people don’t feel like working, they make excuses or avoid their office. What can you DO that they don’t?
  1. Be inspiring to others so you become a MAGNET to your potential customers and clients. That will also make you INSPIRED. If people see you working hard and showing up no matter what, then they will want to BE like you; they will LIKE you; they will want to DO BUSINESS with you! You will be a leader.

I know that some of these are quite obvious, but I think it’s important to remind ourselves what it takes to be successful (whatever your definition of that is) and to be EXTRA-ordinary. That’s where greatness lies. I guarantee you that that high school boy did NOT feel like running or going to the weight room every day. I guarantee when he had to go out for an hour or more run that he didn’t necessarily want to.   I also know that he DID IT ANYWAY.

I know that I have been willing to do whatever it takes over the last six months to become noticed and to gain people’s interest and trust so that I could begin building a business that others want to be part of.  I know I didn’t always want to do what I had to do because I was tired or sick. But, I know I did it anyway! I also know I will continue to do it anyway to be extraordinary.   So, if you know me and have watched me for the last 6 months, just wait for 2016!

I ask you now, what are YOU bringing to the table for 2016 to be extraordinary? What can you do to be more and better than others out there? For me, I KNOW that ordinary isn’t an option. So let’s start training and putting in extra miles together so that we come out as champions!

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