Close-up shot of a ballerina taking off the ballet shoes sitting on the floor in the studio

Recently, I watched a video that Misty Copeland, one of the premier ballerinas today, posted. She is a lovely, smart, giving person, and if you’ve never seen her dance, you should look her up. Even if you’re not a fan of ballet, you will soon become a fan of Misty.

In the video, Misty is addressing young dancers, giving them advice about what it takes to be successful. As I watched, much of what she said resonated with me as a business person and how WE must also do these things in order to foster success in our businesses.

Here are the tips with my take on them:

  1. Seek out advice.   Never be afraid to ask for help from those who have already walked the path you’re on or who you feel are an expert at what you’re struggling with. Why re-invent the wheel? So much of business is about experience. There is always someone who is willing to offer a hand or knows someone who can help you get what you need.
  1. Be Patient. This is a BIG ONE. Success does not happen overnight, no matter what you might think.   Myself, I have been making things happen pretty fast in my business, but I’d love for them to happen faster! I tell myself daily (as does my mentor) to be patient. Put in time. Trust that you’ve put pieces into place that will take hold and take off. Remember, IT TAKES 90 DAYS on average for anything you do today to start coming to fruition! Be patient, Grasshopper.
  1. Remember Why You Dance. What is your “dance?” It’s what you do! It’s your business. Think about WHY you are pursuing the things you’re after. You must DIG DEEP. If you don’t remember why and revisit it often, your will lose your passion and not deliver your best every day. WHY=PASSION=GROWTH. 
  1. Be Yourself. What a great reminder! We hear it all the time—be your authentic self. You must show up as YOU. People can sense if you’re not coming from a place that serves them or if you’re not being honest. Let’s keep it REAL, people!!
  1. Be Your Own Advocate. No one can fight for you like YOU can. And no one will. This goes back to the first tip. ASK FOR HELP and ADVICE. If you don’t say what you need, ask what people think, and fix things, then persevering will be really difficult. BE BRAVE.

Misty gave these tips to young dancers. I offer them to you as a person in business. Please read them and take them, swallow them, and digest them. If you would like to hear a bit from Misty herself, here’s the link. It’s worth the 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Enjoy!

Misty Copeland’s Advice to Young Dancers

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