I recently heard a talk from my business partner about intention. She spoke about dumping the New Year’s Resolution and instead becoming INTENTIONAL about making things happen in your life all year long. If you look at what you want and become intentional rather than resolved about it, don’t you think that whatever it is is more likely to happen?

Words are powerful. They can motivate. They can inspire. They can hurt. In short, they can evoke emotion.   We use words to communicate with others, but how do we use them to communicate with ourselves? Many of us keep journals of some sort or lists of things to do. These are definitely ways of communicating with ourselves. I believe, however, that the most powerful way we can use words to evoke power within ourselves is to find our word of the year (or to even let it find us).

The Power Word for 2016

Ironically, based on the intro to this BLOG, my very first word-of-the-year was INTENTION-somewhere around 2012. By the way, the best things happened that year. I met goals that I had been working toward for years. I stayed focused, and things moved forward at a faster pace than ever before in my business.

My word last year? FEARLESS. Boy was I. I had to be to launch JMD and overcome some unexpected setbacks! And this year? PROPEL! I want to keep my momentum and grow big. I don’t just want to go forward—I want to go forward vigorously!

The key is this: I have the word everywhere. It is on my vision board (that’s another topic for another day—if you don’t have one, you should!); it is plastered around my office and my calendar; I TELL everyone who will listen what my word is. In short, the key to your word? You MUST SPEAK IT OUT LOUD to others and to yourself! Do not keep it a secret—otherwise, how can it manifest in you and your goals?

What is YOUR word? Where will it come from? Mull it around. Think about what you want and which specific word will help you achieve it. I’ve heard some great words for this year already from friends and clients. Find your word or let it find you and “ . . .yell it from the rooftops” in the words of the immortal Walt Whitman.   Your word is one link in the chain to your success-it’s another way to take control and have power over your days and decisions.

And please, let me know when you find it!

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