Throughout the last several years, I have come to understand that I am a genuinely happy person.   I never really thought about it much until a friend of mine went to have some energy work done and felt incredible and light afterward. She told me I had to go have it done too so I could feel as good as she did.   So I went. What happened to me after my session was that I simply felt exhausted—it must have been all the happiness moving around in me! The gal that worked on me said that I really didn’t have much to “let go” of, which I’ll talk about in a minute. I realized that how my friend felt after her session is pretty much how I feel all the time. What a discovery! I . Am. Happy.

So what makes a person happy—and I don’t just mean that they smile and are nice–? I mean truly happy, content, peaceful in everyday happenings. I think that some people ARE just happy. For instance, I know that I do not hold grudges, I let most negative things or bothersome things roll off my back (to use a cliché), and once I say my peace, I’m done with whatever the problem was. I do not have the personality that won’t let go of what is bothering me.

I know some of you are saying, “yeah, but that’s not who or how I am. So how do I find that?” Well, here are some thoughts I have. I used to watch the t.v. show Ally McBeal years ago and there was a character that practiced “ smile therapy.” While it seemed silly, I think there is something behind it. Basically, when something happens that makes you angry, upset, or that you feel isn’t right, you SMILE and walk away. Hold your tongue! I know it seems a bit ridiculous, but if there is a situation where blowing up will not do any good (does it ever) or where unkind words will hurt someone or the situation further, give it a try. It’s surprising how holding your tongue can be quite powerful.

Being proactive is what I would call this practice. You are in control of YOUR actions and YOUR actions alone.   By not responding to the situation and even just pretending to let it roll off your back, you are not giving away your power! You are keeping the power for yourself and staying in charge.

Now, as this is business blog, what does this have to do with business? Well, think about whom you would prefer to do business with—someone happy or someone disgruntled or who complains.   I’m pretty sure no answer is required. As well, when you feel in control, you are so much more productive. Rather than brooding or letting everyone know what is bothering you and wasting a bunch of time on something you can’t control, get back to work. Better yet, SMILE and get back to work.

I have many thoughts on happiness, but smile therapy is where I feel everyone can start. Even if you feel as if you are play-acting as you smile and walk away, you are in charge!   Let me tell you this—being in charge, keeping your power and not giving it away can bring a lot of peace.   And guess what? Peace is part of happiness.

Smile therapy. Give it a try!

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