I’ve been in business for a long time now! There are a few things I’ve picked up along the way about how to get the most out of a day.   There were so many days when I got to the end and wondered what the heck I did all day and where the time went! I work from home, so it’s easy to get sucked into household activities (grocery shopping, laundry, dishes) OR to get sucked into the T.V. Even worse for me is that my husband works from home as well, so WE ARE EACH OTHER’s WORST PROCRASTINATING PARTNER!   What I’d love to give you today is just a brief THREE TIPS TO MAKE YOUR DAY MORE PRODUCTIVE that are a result of many lost hours and days that I’ll never get back.

  1. JUST TURN IT OFF! Turn those notifications off on your phone. You don’t need to know everything someone posts on Facebook or e-mails you! YOU need to be in control. DECIDE when you will check on these things, for how long, and stay on the schedule!
  2. SET “OFFICE” HOURS! What I mean by this is you can take control of your day just by setting up the times that you will make or take phone calls and answer messages. As well, YOU decide what time and for how long you meet with clients or potential clients! Put these in your calendar—mark your phone time as an actual meeting so you’re more likely to keep it and not schedule other things through your phone time and client time!
  3. POWER UP! Now, I know I just told you to turn it off, but I’m talking about POWERING UP YOU! Take a minute at the beginning of your day and maybe again mid-day to really FOCUS. Take the power back! This may be sitting at your desk with your feet up and hands behind your head with your eyes closed. It may mean putting the Super Hero Power Pose into effect—just stand with your hand on your hips with your chest out and chin up. Just like the WONDER WOMAN you are! Do these things (I actually put on a tiara when I need an extra boost), and you will raise your testosterone levels and be ready to conquer anything!

I hope these three things give you a strong start and a productive finish to your day! Take the control back! So many of us are letting our businesses control us. Aren’t WE the boss?

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