Creating your own Support System as an Entrepreneur

I have been thinking a lot lately about this crazy journey I’m on. Well, of course I’ve been thinking about it—I’m in the midst of it! Crazy thing starting a business. What I’m finding is that many times it’s quite lonely and a bit vast out here in the world!   As I look back, I now see that very career I’ve had (teacher, mother, network marketer) has come with pretty much a built-in network.

As a teacher, I had a department and a staff that I worked with, and my world, I have found out, was very small! However, I had a phenomenal system of people and resources there at my disposal:   people to bond with, get support from, and socialize with. Teacher manuals, experienced teachers, and inservices were in place to get information and tools I needed to do my job.

As a mom, I had (and still have) all these other moms with kids my son’s age. I had a PTA, I had the YMCA, I had playgrounds! I was not alone, ever. There was always someone I could find who had been through what I was going through and could answer my questions. Of course, I also had my mom and my dad for advice and help when I needed (and still need ) it.

And as a network marketer, my world got a bit bigger, but the endless resources at my disposal made it hard to feel alone or unsupported. In this type of business, I joined a business that had a team where I had immediate support and colleagues. I had a back office developed with training material, a brand already built for me with a logo and a tag line. It’s such a simple business to become part of and make your own, and I took every advantage given and thrived in that environment.

Now, I am venturing out on my own to make a dream happen. I was talking to my former upline just the other day and started feeling just how alone I am. She and her team are headed to their conference, having monthly meetings for both leaders and teams, and they are always gathering socially (on-line and in person).   I started feeling a bit like I’m out in space alone, and boy is it is crazy feeling…quite unsettling, really. However, I am finding my way and creating MY OWN SUPPORT SYSTEM! Going through this part of the process of building my own business was never something I considered, but I’m making it happen!

If you’re on your own, do realize you don’t have to be on your own! I am involving my family in decisions surrounding the name of my website and the logo for my business. I have found mentors and others who are guiding me through the vast unknowns of all it takes to start making money while pursuing my passion. I am talking to and surrounding myself with long time friends, new groups of people, and new networking groups to create my new system of support. If you are out there alone, know that there are people who will help and who you can hire to make you feel a little less lonely in your pursuit. Don’t let fear stop you!

Figure out who you need for everything. Who can lend an ear or a shoulder? Who can introduce you to people to help you do the things you need—a web designer, a graphic designer, a mentor or coach? How can you involve your family, from your parents to spouses and children? What do you need? The universe set a lot of these people in front of me; I just had to recognize them. Luckily for me, I did! I am taking every opportunity to talk to, meet, and pick the brain of everyone I come across. People are in your life for a multitude of reasons. Find out why they are there, and see how they can help your vision come to fruition.   Last word: FILL YOUR ROOM with those who share your vision and who support your pursuits. You’ll find your way at last and not be a alone in the least.

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