ZOOM fatigue is a real thing. Like REALLY! I know a lot of us have made some changes in order to try to not be on camera quite so much, but I know we’re all sitting in our chairs a lot more and on camera a lot more these days! Before I talk about some ways to stay productive and to avoid quite as much fatigue, I thought I would share some things with you that I’ve been up against.

I had to make some really, really, tough decisions over the last few weeks. My UNSTUCK group that I run has a two day (usually) live and in person retreat in Colorado. Because of the state of things, I had to make the heart-breaking decision to make the retreat virtual. I am working super hard to make the two days as special as possible for these amazing ladies so that we all end up closer than ever after spending the time together–even if it’s virtual.

I also had to make the painstaking decision to take my LIVE UNSTUCK event to a LIVE virtual event in November. I know it’s the right thing, but it stinks! But I am making some amazing decisions to make it the most unique experience possible for my attendees! If you decide to come, you will be spoiled!!  I am sure that so many of you have either had to make the decision to go virtual or are attending virtual events, meetings, and webinars.  Many of my clients have pivoted in amazing ways through this pandemic and their businesses are stronger than ever because of what we’ve put in place, and still kept up boundaries!

Here’s the good news! We can attend things ALL OVER THE WORLD. Here’s the bad news–we can attend things all over the world!

It’s time to get really intentional about what you can and can’t handle on-line. How many hours? What types of events? What type of information?  How can you stay healthy and focused during this time? Below, I have outlined some tips on how to avoid ZOOM fatigue and take care of yourself.

Do NOT Schedule Back to Back Zooms!

Make sure you have at least a 30-minute break in between and USE that break to LEAVE YOUR DESK! Go for a walk around the block, have a personal dance party, eat lunch or a snack!


Switch it Up!

If you can, spend some time working somewhere besides your desk while not on Zoom, do it! I move myself to the dining room table if I can, at least for an hour or so a day. Honestly, the change of scenery helps. We’re sitting so much in the same place without leaving for meetings or trips–so take a trip to a new room in the house!



If you can, while on some longer events, stand up and watch for a bit. Stand up and stretch a bit (with the camera off!). Give you back and hips a break from sitting.


Take a Camera Break

Take one to two days a week where you are not on camera! I have scheduled days to NOT be on Zoom. I may be working on my computer, but I am not on camera; I’m not coaching; I am not focused on anything but the work I want to do for my business. OR I’m out playing golf or tennis for half the day, or following my son around the golf course. I have made sure that I am NOT exhausting myself with my screen. I have also taken to writing things on paper before typing just to be out from behind my screen.


I know much of this seems like common sense, but many of us are truly over-doing it on our computers. I want you to find some ways to take care of you and still run your business well.

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