I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of change and shift lately. Now that my business is 9 months old—I CANNOT BELIEVE this—I’ve started to assess what is working and what needs to shift. Not change, mind you. Shift. What the SHIFT does that mean?

Well, change, to me, means that there is a complete undoing and re-doing. Like a change of clothes or a change of season. I believe that many times businesses fail or goals are not met or projects not completed because people are quick to CHANGE. They throw it all away to start over. They try to re-invent the wheel rather than trying to improve upon what has been started.

I did make a change a year and a half ago when I left what I was doing and started my own business. I took my passion and my gifts and talents and created something completely new out of those. However, now I am in a place where I am evaluating what is working and what is not and I am SHIFTING the way in which I will offer and deliver what I’m doing. I continue to educate myself and to ask questions of myself, and these are helping me create something better for me and for my clients without compromising what I’ve created or throwing it out with the dishwater so to speak.

Can you imagine if every time something wasn’t working for us that we just started OVER from scratch? Or just kept trying to do it the same way?  How stressed and unhappy would we be?

How do we shift?

  • Ask questions of yourself and others!
  • Talk to others, assess what IS working and build from that?
  • TAKE THE POWER BACK in your business by asking yourself what you can do differently—many times ONE THING can be done differently to create that desired result!

This process is so much easier, quicker, and less stressful than starting over or banging our head against a wall or spinning our wheels.

Here’s that I’m doing . . .I have felt certain frustrations over the last few months, and as my business has not quite gone where I wanted it to go, I kept asking what I could do differently. I asked others their thoughts and experiences, and I HIRED others to help me position myself to make the shift happen expertly, smoothly, and with finesse.

And now I ask you—what needs a SHIFT in your business? What are you not quite content with? What can YOU do differently and who can help you? My guess is that you have the answers to these questions and you have the POWER. So go ahead, take the power back and make shift happen! And keep watching me to see what shift is coming from me!

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