I’ve been doing a bit of research lately regarding what people call themselves versus what they actually do.   To my DELIGHT, I am definitely calling myself by the right title—a trainer. So what’s the difference, you ask?  Who do you need to help you? Let me just jump on in!

A coach is a process expert. Mostly, coaches work with clients one-on-one and work through personal as well as professional development of an individual.   Coaches are very solution oriented helping their clients work toward specific goals and intervening when necessary.

Thank goodness for coaches! I have had a few in my day, using them to work toward a promotion, to build my team bigger in my last business, and to get through a really rough personal situation without sacrificing my work or paycheck. I didn’t need a counselor, I needed a SYSTEM or two!

Moving on to the strategist-I LOVE a good strategy, and so should YOU! A strategist will help you implement a plan. They help you look at where you are, where you want to be, and then they help you create a PLAN to get there! The strategist is a problem solver who is results oriented.

I have also hired a couple of strategists in my career. When launching a new program, I hired a company that helped me put together wording and a plan of how to contact my clients and people on my list– what to say, how to say it, and when to say it! They were INCREDIBLE! I could have done it on my own, but I do NOT think it would have been nearly as effective, and I would have questioned the process over and over again. Strategists ROCK!

Finally, I’d like to discuss where I fit in to all of this—the TRAINER. A trainer is all about imparting her expertise on to her clients helping them to make her expertise part of them. She is an expert in a specific subject matter and often uses a group setting to impart and transfer knowledge through teaching, discussing and workshopping.  Trainers transfer knowledge from themselves to their clients or audience.

I am a trainer! An expert in efficiency, I help my clients clarify their goals and then identify the steps necessary to make those goals happen and then MAKE ROOM for those steps to happen in a very intentional manner. I help my clients create new habits for themselves in how they approach their daily lives and roadblocks that come their way. My hope is that through working with me, these habits are so ingrained that I stay with my clients long after they leave me.

So, take a look at all these definitions. Who do YOU need? What do you need? Where can you find it? Do not be afraid to hire some support for yourself! Is it worth spending some money to gain some insight, sanity, and most likely income? My answer is yes!

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