As it’s Christmastime and I have a blog to write, I was hemming and hawing over what I could write about that would feel relevant.  As I was lying awake one night a couple of weeks ago, the age old story of The Little Engine That Could came to mind.

We all know that the little engine was trying to get gifts across the mountain to kids who were waiting, but the hill was so steep that it seemed impossible—ultimately, she makes it across from sheer WILL POWER and Positive Self-Talk.

As entrepreneurs, we have surely all been in her position!  We are constantly up against seemingly impossible odds to launch our next program, build bigger, think bigger, grow stronger and make it to our goals.  So how do we keep going?  Sheer WILL POWER, and Positive Self-Talk,  of course, but it still takes more than moxie to get over the hill.  I believe it’s about BEING SMART as well as having the moxie.

But what does being smart entail?  Here are a few thoughts on how to continue on and not be taken down by our critics or negative thoughts—you must hone your CRAFT.

  1. CONTROL what you can and let go of the rest. Quit comparing.  Quit blaming.  Be influential.  Be YOU.
  2. REVIEW how far you’ve come in the last 90, 120, 365 days!  You have come further than you realize.
  3. ASK for help! Don’t let your weaknesses or what you don’t know stop you from going forward.  Hire out.  Find a coach, an accountability partner, a mastermind group.
  4. FOCUS on what you’re goal is. Don’t give in to Shiny Object Syndrome (or Entrepreneur A.D.D. as I all it).
  5. TRUST your path. This goes along with number 4—stay the course and don’t question yourself!  You are unique, people need what you’re offering, and they will hire you!

Be that little engine!  Keep on going on YOUR track to YOUR goals. Be tenacious, believe, and be SMART!  You can definitely make it over that hill and be more than you ever thought possible.

By the way, if you never read The Little Engine That Could or have forgotten the story, look it up—you’ll feel pretty inspired and it will take on a whole new meaning.