Well, summer’s here, and after the last three months, every day feels like every day.  At least for me it does!  As a result of these circumstances, I started thinking about what we could do to make our lives a little less mundane, to make us WANT to spend time in our home office since we never seem to leave it!  I’m telling you right now that if you LIKE your space and it makes you HAPPY and isn’t just a place to work, you WILL BE MORE PRODUCTIVE!

I know much of this might seem obvious, but i promise if you can do these things (and maybe adapt them if you are having to work at your kitchen table), you will feel like things are moving forward.

Put Some Green in There!

A plant adds not only oxygen to your life, but to put a living thing in your workspace brings a little nature to the table.  Studies show that plants in your office increase productivity 15%!  That’s a lot of PERCENT people!  I have two hooks in my office I’m planning on finding plants for–right now I have a little succulent on my table.  It makes me happy–that’s what else they say, find a plant that brings you joy! For me, that’s one that doesn’t require a lot of water or attention.  Just sayin’.

Have a Space to THINK or to Get Away from Your Desk.

Sitting in the same chair all day makes us NOT want to go sit there and can also cause some serious aches and pains. Adding that space to curl up to read, think, or just take a break is a great way to up your productivity.  As many of you know, I a big proponent of taking regular breaks during the day.  Having this type of space in a small corner of your office can give your brain and body the feeling of a break without the distractions of what might happen if you step into the kitchen!

Add a Splash of Color!

I painted a wall in my office with my brand colors!  It’s orange with purple and green.  I LOVE IT!  It’s fun, adds life, and my room isn’t just grey.  This accent wall was all it took to make that room somewhere I didn’t mind being!

Create a Workspace that WORKS!

I actually had to hire an expert to help with mine–I am a messy desk person by nature (seriously!).  But I brought in an organizer who helped me clear the clutter and create a sense of flow with my workspace. A study at Harvard concluded that a messy and cluttered workspace decreases our persistence and desire to continue working.  Create your workflow and file those papers!  (MOST of mine headed to the trash . . ).


I already had a pretty amazing home office before I was forced to spend so many hours a week in there!  But adding the green and creating an alternative space other than my desk to go to have made it even better.  I hope yours becomes some sort of haven for you.


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