Guess what? I TOOK A DAY OFF. And it wasn’t a weekend. When is the last time you took a day? When is the last time you took a day GUILT FREE? I’m betting you may be working MORE since your stay-at-home order started a couple of months ago.

Here’s the thing… we are tired. We are busy. We are nervous. And I’m finding that people are saying no less often right now and yes more. The truth is, we need to take some time right now, AND we need to use this time we have to start with a clean slate – maybe even a clean calendar. So why not start with a day off? And I mean PLAN a day off. I went golfing. GOLFING! I worked in the garden. I didn’t check my e-mail. I didn’t answer the phone. I was able to come back with more energy, more motivation, and more focus.

Here’s the fact. Only 77% of people who have paid vacation use any portion of their days. As business owners, do we even HAVE paid vacation? Likely, no. So what happens is we feel we have to work all the time, every day. Or at least a portion of every day. Many feel that they’ll lose business, become invisible, or lose momentum if they leave for a day. A DAY. Here’s the challenge I’m putting out to you… take ONE DAY off and see what happens. The next challenge will be to actually take a vacation. But let’s start small…

Why should you do this? Well, 94% of vacations have strong R.O.I in energy, positivity, and creativity. Studies also show you will be 9% more productive when you come back, and 13% more accurate in your work. And there’s more!

Here are 5 reasons to take that time off

1. You’ll recharge your battery! We can only push our bodies and minds so far before they start pushing back. It’s harder to get up in the morning. It’s harder to get started on any given project you need to get done. It’s harder to not feel overwhelmed by the smallest of tasks. So TAKE THE DAY!!

2. Self-care is more important than ever. You’ve seen the studies! So use your day off to care for YOU. What do you want to do? Hike? Do a creative project? Have a spa day (even if right now that spa day might be a spa you create in your house).

3. Reset your habits in a day! No. I don’t really mean reset your habits, but I do mean that you’ll find out how little you can check your email, you may find that you don’t have to take the work home with you that you’ve been taking home, figuring out what is REALLY the most important thing to put your attention on.

4. Goal orientation and clarity go along with number 3. When you come back, your activities can be centered on what’s really helping you reach your goals rather than centered on everyone and everything that’s coming your way.

5. Your relationships can come back into focus. If you’re working every day and into the evening, chances are that your relationships have taken a back seat. So, a day off can bring those back into perspective. You can use your day to engage in your relationship(s) in an INTENTIONAL manner–not just two ships passing, not just dinner, but something meaningful!

There are so many reasons to take the day off. Just the day. AND the weekend. Give yourself a true break – what day will it be for you? Plan ahead, set up your auto-responses on your e-mail, and set things up for you to be successfully gone and to successfully come back the next day and #getfocused.

Good luck, and remember this day off is all in the name of productivity!

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