Power Up Your Productivity


Power-Up Your Productivity Q&A

FUNdamentals that work!
Move out of mediocrity and into excellence by learning how to get the right things done in your business.

Julie hosts a complimentary, live 30-minute training/Q&A to Power-Up your Productivity. Join Julie LIVE to learn how to implement FUNdamentals that work!

Who Is This For?

This live Q&A is for anyone who is ready to…

  • Jumpstart into the coming weeks
  • Learn and implement a new and simple productivity tip
  • Get motivated
  • Engage with Julie on a more personal level

What to Expect

Julie will deliver short trainings and answer your questions about…

  • Productivity
  • Proactivity
  • Calendar Control
  • Time Management
  • Focus
  • Goal-setting
  • And More

Join Julie for her next Power-up your Productivity Q&A!

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Join Julie for 30-45 minutes at 9:30 am MT on the following dates!

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Client Testimonials

Julie is the Queen of Productivity. She has developed some amazing tools that really take you step-by-step and stops you from coming up with all sorts of excuses. She also made me realize how I was wasting time with small details and getting distracted very easily. Look no further, Julie is the ultimate expert you need when it comes to productivity!

– Antonia Medeiros
Life and Empowerment Coach

Julie is full of productivity knowledge and with her high energy, confidence, and openness, she is motivating and inspirational.

– Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss
Owner, AChapterAfter.com

The most inspiring thing I learned from Julie was that I wasn’t just adding hours to my days, but rather she was teaching me to more effectively accomplish all the necessary projects for my business in less time…

– Jeanne Barta

Before working with Julie, I was just kind of all over the place. I didn’t really have any systems in place. I was super overwhelmed a lot of the time because I felt like I was touching everything but nothing was moving forward. She changed my business in so many ways. I created systems with her help on how to have a better workflow. It was amazing at how much more productive I was in less time because I was working her system. So it helped tremendously just organize my business, run it more efficiently and more productively.

– Abbey Harrison
CEO Assist for the Win

Join Julie for her next Power-up your Productivity Q&A!

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