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Take action in your business and get results you never thought possible!

UNSTUCK! is specifically designed to provide you with tools, training, coaching, support, and community to help you reset your habits and patterns and make a meaningful SHIFT in your business, helping you focus on needle-moving activities, tasks, and projects so your business can grow without you feeling like you’re taking on yet another thing.

If you are committed to making a shift in how you are operating, to thinking about your business from new angles, and taking action in a way you never have before, then the UNSTUCK program is for you.

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What Exactly Can I Expect?

What you can expect from this program is a remarkable experience with an intimate group of business owners and entrepreneurs who together are committed to growth, to each other, and to significant, intentional action.

Julie has created trainings that create new opportunities for you to expand your business, the way you problem solve and open up space in your calendar to explore and implement new possibilities.

What will your Success look like?

While we cannot predict what kind of action you’ll take, we do know your growth and the possibilities are endless if you’re ready to step out and do things differently than you’ve ever done them before. It’s time to take intentional action with the accountability and support this program offers. Your time, money, and stress levels will all change as we focus on what will move YOUR needle more quickly!

It's time to move from Stuck to Strategic!

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UNSTUCK! the Program Benefits

We’ve packed $20,000 worth of value into a nice little package for you!

Group Trainings and Executive Mastermind

Receive trainings based on the UNSTUCK system, laser coaching on what is happening in YOUR business, and an EXECUTIVE session mastermind where the community works through roadblocks you are up against in your business.


Enrollment in Solve Unsolvable Problems Virtual Course

Tackle one roadblock or big project in your business and find ways to increase your Circle of Control and move from frustration or wishing into action. You will learn new problem-solving tools and create and implement a plan of action.


Enrollment in Prioritize with Power Virtual Course

Investigate how, why and where you’re really spending your time. You learn the tools to break out of your existing habits and patterns in your daily and weekly schedule and how to maximize the time you are working, thus freeing up hours of time.


Exclusive Two-Day Values to Vision LIVE Retreat

Get clear on what your core values are and how they integrate into your business. Then, create your value statement and what your vision truly is for your business. This is a DIG IN kind of two days, exclusive to UNSTUCK and UNSTUCK premium members.


UNSTUCK! the program, Premium! benefits

Benefits of the Premium level include everything in UNSTUCK, PLUS:

8 One-On-One Coaching Sessions This time can be used as you and Julie see fit. Our time together is laser focused on you and what specific strategies you need to move your business forward even faster.


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Client Testimonials

When I started working with Julie, I had six or seven clients and I more than doubled that while working with her. When I first started UNSTUCK, I was in this awful spot of needing more clients because I needed more money, but I was afraid to take them on because I didn’t know how I would fit more in. After working with Julie and learning to be more intentional about who I work with and what I do., I ended up getting a lot more time in my day, resulting in more clients and more money.

– Abbey Harrison
Assist for the Win

The biggest thing I learned from Julie is how to delegate successfully so I can focus on growing my business and open space up for more clients by letting go of the things I can let go of or don’t have control over. For me personally, I’m a lot less stressed because I’ve been able to implement the tools Julie teaches and because of that, my business has been more successful and grown.

– Renee Vejvoda
All Branded Out

Working with Julie Miller Davis has been a great experience. Before starting, I was in a constant state of overwhelm and not feeling like I was ever getting anything accomplished. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do and didn’t know where to start. As it turns out, I’ve been setting impossible goals for myself or goals that rely too heavily on other people, making them outside of my control. I’m a lot more focused on what is in my control, far less overwhelmed, and am excited about the future. Julie is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to the next level with proven strategies on how to get there.

– Phoenix Sagen
CEO Business by Design Online, Owner of MyTravel4Ever

One of the things I wanted and needed to work on was streamlining and targeting my marketing. Through working with Julie, I was able to identify who my ideal clients were and where they hanging out, and I’ve been able to target my marketing and create some amazing relationships and opportunities. Working with Julie catapulted my business to new heights! We TRIPLED our Q1 sales in 2019 because of the habits and patterns I implemented with Julie.

– Ally Jencson
Frontline Floor Coatings

It’s time to start Dreaming Big and reach your Big Goals

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