About the UNSTUCK program:

An eight month program that uses expert facilitating and training to combine the vital community collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs with one-on-one collaborations. Through this program, you will create new patterns to maximize your efficiency and elevate your productivity to reach and exceed your goals and vision.


Break your Patterns of Mediocrity and Reset to Patterns of Excellence

Do you want MORE out of your business? Are you feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and like you cannot overcome the roadblocks in your business—like your wheels are spinning?

It’s time to get UNSTUCK and you don’t have to do it alone!

UNSTUCK will help you create a PLAN, renew your PASSION and up your PRODUCTIVITY, ultimately helping you REACH YOUR GOALS!

UNSTUCK is for you if:

  • You are not afraid to make changes in your business
  • You are ready to find and create the steps to make your goals a reality
  • You realize you can only go so far by yourself
  • You want to feel accomplished at the end of each day/week/month
  • You want to have renewed energy and passion for your business
  • You want to have space and time to breathe and to spend with family and friends

The details of UNSTUCK:

  • Initial 45 minute private discovery session with efficiency expert Julie Davis
  • 12 Group workshop and collaborative sessions executed bi-monthly on topics like:
    • Taking the power back in your business
    • Identifying and using your values to reignite your passion and purpose for business
    • Creating the space and the plan to make your goals a reality
  • 3 one hour private sessions
  • Secret exclusive FB group to incorporate community, enhance connections and supply ongoing support

Interactive materials including the UNSTUCK workbook to track, plan, and take action!

Buzz About Julie

  • I have been working with Julie Davis in her Unstuck program for just one month. What a world of difference it has made. Instead of worrying about what my next steps and getting overwhelmed, we work on identifying the next couple steps. This has propelled my business forward. Not only that, it has allowed space in my brain to add balance in other areas I find fulfilling. Can’t wait for the next couple months.
    Melissa Cyrus
    Modern Twists
  • Julie Davis’ brainstorm sessions helped me get my life back in balance! Julie Davis took the time to listen and assess what I truly needed from my sessions and how to become more efficient with my time, more organized and successful in my business. She gave me practical tasks I could start right then to move forward in a step by step process. My weeks have become more productive while I work and more enjoyable and focused on the people I am with when I am not working. If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level Julie’s brainstorming sessions are a must!

    Jessica Narkevitz, LMT
    Rockrimmon Massage Therapy
  • I’ve never felt so inspired and motivated as I do after my amazing sessions with you Julie!!!! This woman here does amazing work, she asks questions that make me think and use my own ideas, she keeps me on track and accountable for all my goals and missions, she is so passionate when it comes to helping and guiding others! I’d recommend any ladies that are just stuck or need a little push to check out one of these work shops or get a one on one brainstorm with this educated and inspiring woman!!!! Thanks for being you, Julie!!! I’m so glad we connected and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

    Courtney Anadon
    Advocare Representative
  •  Julie has truly transformed how I run my business on a daily basis. When I first met Julie, I was that “busy” person who was constantly running ragged, touching everything in my business a little bit, but never enough to really move anything forward. I’ve been working with Julie since October and it has truly changed how I run my business. I now have intentional goals every single day and a plan of action on how I’m going to accomplish them. I’m now productive and not busy and it feels amazing! If you are that busy person, you need Julie in your life and you need her now!

    Abbey Harrison
    Assist for the Win
  • Julie is unique and such a gift because you immediately feel  her spirit of service.  Once she discovered my needs and goals, her mission became helping me achieve them. She was very responsive and intuitive to my needs and  became an anchor for me as we worked  together towards making my vision a reality. Her presentation was exactly what my group needed and reached beyond my expectations.  I look forward to working with her again and again in the future.
    Tamara Davis-Peck
    Key Director, Touchstone by Swarovski