Solve Unsolvable Problems: The Intensive

Ready to Catapult Your Business Forward?

Solve Unsolvable Problems: The Intensive is a group coaching course for business owners who are ready to get things moving forward, but…are feeling a little stuck.

  • Roadblocks are everywhere
  • Your options seem endless
  • You are frustrated because you feel out of control
  • You wish moving forward wasn’t so complicated

During our six weeks together, you will gain the tools you need to move from feeling STUCK to being PRODUCTIVE!  You’ll see the shift in your business and you’ll start feeling like there’s nothing you can’t overcome.

Why This Course is For You

You feel like many times when you take a step forward, something causes you to take a step back.
You are ready to make a shift but aren’t sure where to start.
You have been to many conferences and seminars and have great information but don’t know how or where you can begin applying what you’ve learned.
You’re committed to taking positive forward action, but sometimes find yourself ruminating over things you can’t control.
You know that now is the time to dedicate energy and resources toward ideas that will move the needle forward.

What is POSSIBLE With the Course

Move from feeling STUCK into ACTION.
Learn the three must-ask questions that will free you from any sticky problem or situation.
Create and implement a plan to move your business forward that actually works.
Decrease worrying, over-thinking, and wishing and get real business results instead.
Discover which type of thinking keeps things status-quo and how to recognize when you’re in it.

How we do it

  • 6 weeks of 90 minute virtual group training and laser coaching sessions.
  • 4 pre-recorded training modules on Proactive Planning and Problem Solving.
  • Access to ALL recordings of modules and Q and A sessions for program and 30 days following.

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